White teeth for a lifetime

According to researches white teeth make people look 7.4 years younger and more successful, besides they can find a new job 23% easier than others. This is why more and more patients have their teeth bleached and choose our long-term whiteness guaranteed “White teeth for a lifetime” programe.

All of us want to have white teeth for a lifetime but we can be disappointed when our teeth start to discolour again a few months after whitening. The main reason for discolouration is that we carry on our everyday habits (smoking, drinking red wine, tea or coffee) that initially discolured our teeth before whitening.

The aim of the “White teeth for a lifetime program” is to stop teeth discolouring after the professional surgery whitening.

We make sure that your teeth stay white for a lifetime!

What does the “White teeth for a lifetime” program mean?

It means you can keep your teeth white in four simple steps:

  •  We professionally clean your teeth (by ultrasonic scaling and sand blasting if needed)
  • We white your teeth with a comfortable and painless treatment.
  • We scale your teeth at your next check up and if you choose to we construct bleaching trays for you and as a gift we give you the whitening gel.
  • You can carry on bleaching your teeth at home with your own kit and keep your teeth as white as they were after the professional surgery whitening.

Having started your home bleaching treatment we will provide you with 2 tubes of whitening gel everytime you turn up for your regular 6 montly check up and have a scale and polish so you can carry on your home bleaching and preserve the whiteness of your teeth for a lifetime.

Start our VIP Cosmetic dental program!

Start the program and make sure your teeth stay white and healthy for a lifetime. We are looking forward to see you at the Smile Studio of Naturadent aesthetic and laser surgery!

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