Tooth restoration – invisible filling

Restoration is also called „invisible filling”

Besides being the absolute top of fillings made in aesthetic dentistry, it has several more advantages as well.

Restoration – as implied by its name – refers to an artifact and this is the reason why it is made exclusively by aesthetic dentists. Restoration follows the natural anatomy and colours of teeth.

To make the promise of invisible fillings real, they need to be tooth enamel identical as perceptible to the naked eye so as to look like realistic teeth.


Our patient was given temporary filling for a month as because of the extended tooth decay the possibility of saving the tooth was not certain. Finally the tooth could be treated with restoration and so root canal treatment was avoided. The treatment was made using rubber dam isolation to ensure sterile environment.
Photos show the temporary filling and the result after treatment.

The reason why restoration is different from also high quality aesthetic fillings made by our dentists is that creating the former one they work almost under magnifying glass so besides the central grooves of the tooth, supplementary grooves can be elaborated as well.

Tooth restoration is made using a special painting method which is an artfully prepared, invisible tooth filling supplied with natural tone.

Due to the unique, coating technique and the special painting, transition between the tooth and the restoration becomes invisible as perceptible to the naked eye. Besides aesthetic benefits, it is a solution for longer term than with classic aethetic fillings as being made with special quality material.

Due to its firmness it is abrasion-resistant so bite height does not get lower as with fillings made using traditional methods. Firmness also allows its use on front teeth.


Restorations are similar to an artifact created by dental technicians but this treatment causes less loss of the tooth and as the most important aspect it must be considered.

We mainly recommend it to patients who are particularly critical for the beauty of their teeth and also to artists, models, presenters whose smile and teeth are given distinctive attention in their job.

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A fogérzékenység okai és kezelése

A fogérzékenység a magyar lakosság mintegy felét érintő mindennapi probléma. A hideg, meleg, savas ételek és italok fogyasztásakor fellépő éles, szúró fájdalom azonban megelőzhető, megfelelő eljárással pedig kezelhető probléma.

Lézerek alkalmazása az implantátumok körüli gyulladás kezelésében

Ha fogpótláson gondolkodik, és már elkezdett információt gyűjteni az eljárásról, biztosan találkozott már a peri implantitis kifejezéssel.


Akár csak a világ számos területén, a fogászatban is napról-napra jelennek meg új, modernebb eszközök és eljárások, amellyel a hagyományos kezelések hatékonyabban végezhetőek el.

Különbség az egyes lézerek között

A lézerfogászat egyre divatosabb fogalom, egy teljesen új világ, mely olyan lehetőségeket kínál a fogászati kezelések elvégzésére, melybe sokáig belegondolni sem mertünk.