Smile Designing on biological bases

We believe that without health, there is no such thing as beauty, so when designing and creating your new smile, we underline developing both your health and beauty.

Smile Designing is the top-notch of aesthetic dentistry. Applying it will make you see how your smile could look like if it is created by a professional team to fit in your face character, lifestyle and habit.

Have you ever thought about why do famous people have the smile that perfectly fits in their face?
Have you ever tried to imagine them with a whole different smile?
We bet that would be weird.
But do you know why?
The reason is very simple. Famous people have a smile that fits in their charcters, their lifestyles and their habits. We present you this method. Look around in the famous people’s world, the results speak for itselves!
If you have already decided that you want your smile to be more beautiful and attractive, you are at the right place. The Naturadent aesthetic and laser dentistry helps you fulfil this wish.
Moreover, we go further. We make you not only more beautiful, but also healthier and happier!

What can Smile Designing at Naturadent offer you?

  • finding a smile that fits in your face, your personality, your work, and your wishes
  • a smile that is much more healthy, beautiful and attractive
  • much more opened and cheerful conversations with this new smile
  • more self-confidence, and possibilities in life
  • a healthier, conscious lifestyle to keep your beauty
  • a lot of technical and human help from your doctors
  • professional photographs about your new, harmonic smile

Nobody is the same, so our services are personalized for you
There are many different people in the world with different characters, faces, and auras. So our smile cannot be the same, it needs to be only ours. We help you find the smile in your dreams, in spite of the state of your teeth and your age.
Our goal is to get to know you first, and then we can design together the smile that you like and fits in your life.


Process of Naturadent Smile Designing

  • consultation
  • making the acquaintance, discussing the wishes and visualizations, and on the basis of these, making the treatment plan
  • professional treatment of our dental hygienists to create healthy surroundings in your mouth
  • taking photos for the designing program
  • analizing the photos and smile designing with the Smylist program
  • selecting the tooth-colour and the smile character that fits in your face the most
  • taking impressions to reproduce the original shape of your teeth
  • prior demonstration of your new smile if needed
  • if you like your designed smile and you accept it, we create it
  • taking professional lifestyle studio photos and teaching special face muscle excercises

What more can we offer than other dentistries?

  • if it is necessary, during our treatments we use special lasers to heal with light, without any pain or discomfort and without the need of the injection form of local anaesthesia
  • we only use the highest quality of every dental material and technique
  • our team is one of the most caring and mindful dental workteams of the country
  • after creating the smile of your dreams, we teach you special face muscle excercises to learn how to move your tired muscles
  • our program takes in a professional photographing when we get the best out of you

Our laser treatments can not provide the removal of the amalgam fillings, and there are cases when local anaesthesia is needed. The amount of the advantages of laser treatment can be different depending on the case. Our goal is to create calm surroundings where our patients’ treatments can happen without any pain.

During our work, we stand in with the team that originally developed smile designing, and international groups that use the method every day so they make the process more and more perfect from day to day helping our patients to have the perfect smile they have always wanted.

Smile designing has already become very popular just after starting to use the method, and the number of those recoursing our service is increasing fast. It is understandable, because who wouldn’t want to see the smaile that fits the most?

Are you interested in the further details? Would you like to start the journey to your new life?

Then call for an appointment at Naturadent laser dentistry and ask for our internationally trained colleagues’ help. Be the member of Naturadent Smile Club!

We are looking forward to see you at our prectice!

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Your personal information is confidential, and we do not disclose it to any third party. You can read our privacy policy here.

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Esztétikai fogszabályozás

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Foghúzás utáni teendők: mit szabad és mit nem?

Néha sajnos a problémás fog már nem megmenthető és a további fogak védelme érdekében el kell távolítani, foghúzásra van szükség. Ez a szájsebészeti kezelés a modern eljárásoknak köszönhetően ma már nagyon kíméletes. Ha foghúzásra kerül a sor, az alábbiakra mindenképp érdemes odafigyelni, a foghúzás előtt és után is.

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