Self ligiating light force braces

The most gentle orthodontic procedure with the most beautiful results at any age

The light force, self ligiating orthodontic procedure does not have an upper age limit and almost every incorrect bite can be adjusted with it. Not only major conspicious differences but minor movements can also be straightened out. Teeth are gently moved into their right position creating a healthy arch.

Effective and gentle in the same time

The light force self ligiating braces represent the latest generation of braces. Self ligiation means self locking that enables adequate movement of the teeth during the entire orthodontic procedure.

Along the self locking brackets the teeth stay in the right arch. Due to the self locking action this procedure creates the best, most natural and most beautiful results. The aim of self ligiating braces is to move the teeth with the amount of force  that is gentle and does not have any harmful effects while placing the teeth into their right position.

This procedure is the best choice from a biological point of view as well. 

What are the advantages of light force fixed orthodontic appliances?

  • the apply biological light forces, therefore they are maximally delicate to the teeth, jaw bones and the gums
  • wearing this type of braces does not cause any discomfort in contrast with normal braces
  • you don’t have to stop smiling to hide your braces if you choose the porcelain self ligiating aesthetic braces
  • they can be applied at any age, there is no upper age limit
  • they require less visits at the dentist
  • they are very efficient

It is not awkward or embarassing to wear braces anymore. People who wear braces care about their appearance and health and they are on their way to make their lives more successful and happier. Braces can help you in improving your smile, health and even your career.

We recomment In-Ovation

At NaturaDENT we use the GAC In-Ovation products. These products maximally satisfy the high quality expectations that our orthodontic specialists and dentists  have set up at our clinic.

With application of the In-Ovation product family and their accesories our specialists are able to correct every malucclusions (incorrect bite) and place the teeth into their normal, healthy aesthetic position creating a perfect smile. In addition to correcting the position of your teeth you can also have stylish, aesthetic metal free porcelain braces.

Individual orthodontic assessment and consultation

Our orthodontic assessment and consultation are individual. In addition to assessing the position of your teeth our orthodontist also

  •  examines the jaw joints
  • records data of the facial harmony
  • examines the state of your facial joints and their range of movement

This detailed and thorough procedure is unique and rarely applied at other practices. The detailed assessment is important for the orthodontist in order to create a treatment plan that considers all important aspects.

Why is the detalied assessment and examination required?

  • we like to do a thorough job, we believe efficiency can only be achieved this way
  • incorrectly positioned teeth result in incorrect bite and joint problems
  • joint problems start by a clicky jaw and can cause pain later on
  • opening and chewing can become limited
  • teeth can wear that can cause sensitivity and can also lead to decay

We do our best to prevent and avoid all the above complications. We know how uncomfortable jaw joint ache can be, therefore our aim is to help you in avoiding it with the best of our knowledge.

Instead of jaw ache and sensitive teeth we would like to give you a beautiful smile and successful happy life.

It does not cause any difficulties if you are allergic to metals as our light force self ligiating braces are available in metal free version as well.

We are looking forward to see you at our clinic!

Ask for the help of our orthodontic specialist and dental hygienists in questions related to light foce self ligiating braces. The experienced, prepared, caring and always kind members of our team are always happy to help you with the best of their competence, care and attention.

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A fogérzékenység okai és kezelése

A fogérzékenység a magyar lakosság mintegy felét érintő mindennapi probléma. A hideg, meleg, savas ételek és italok fogyasztásakor fellépő éles, szúró fájdalom azonban megelőzhető, megfelelő eljárással pedig kezelhető probléma.

Lézerek alkalmazása az implantátumok körüli gyulladás kezelésében

Ha fogpótláson gondolkodik, és már elkezdett információt gyűjteni az eljárásról, biztosan találkozott már a peri implantitis kifejezéssel.


Akár csak a világ számos területén, a fogászatban is napról-napra jelennek meg új, modernebb eszközök és eljárások, amellyel a hagyományos kezelések hatékonyabban végezhetőek el.

Különbség az egyes lézerek között

A lézerfogászat egyre divatosabb fogalom, egy teljesen új világ, mely olyan lehetőségeket kínál a fogászati kezelések elvégzésére, melybe sokáig belegondolni sem mertünk.