Maternity dentistry

Maternity dental care and treatment requires special competnce and attention, because we have to look after the baby’s health as well.

Pregnancy is a very important part of women’s life. This period is also important in a dental point of view.

During pregnancy we need to be more cautious and avoid pain, radiation as well as drugs. This way we can protect mum and the baby too.

Most of our dentists are women who are mothers as well, therefore they are the best to ask if you have questions related to dental care during pregnancy. They can tell you what is allowed and what is not, what treatments can be done and what do we need to avoid.

Our maternity treatment pack has also been created in consideration with their ideas and experiences.

Which areas need more attention during pregnancy?

The gums

the inflammation, sensitivity and bleeding of the gums are the signs of gingivitis that needs to be treated on time in order to avoid more serious gum problems.

During pregnancy gingivitis has to be treated as soon as possible and we need to be more cautious. Inflammations in the mouth affect the whole body as well as the baby, therefore we need to treat them faster than in other cases.

If you do not pay attention to the health of your gums, than it can lead to more serious problems and pain that will stop you eating. This condition is dangerous because if the mother does not eat the baby cannot get the important nutrients and will not be able to develop.

Examine your teeth every time you brush. If you notice any redness, swelling, bleeding or sensitivity than it is advised to see our dental hygienist team for a professional clean. In most cases a scale and polish solves early gum problems.

The periodontal environment

Gingivitis is very common during pregnancy due to hormon changes. If you have never noticed gum inflammation or bleeding before pregnancy than it can certainly be related to hormons and a simple scale and polish can solve the problem.

If you have experienced the signs of gingivitis before than it is very important to pay attention to this area more during pregnancy. Gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease in long term and can cause the loss of your teeth, bad breath or pain.

Gingivitis and periodontal disease can be prevented by regular periodontal examinations and laser treatments by the latest Biolase laser treatments.

Ask for our laser dental treatments to prevent gum disease, because the latest laser technology can help you in having healthy, beautiful and pink gums and a beautiful smile.

Teeth and deacy

During pregnancy the weakening of teeth is common due to the diet and morning sickness therefore pregnant women are more prone to decay. Teeth can decay faster and can be deeper even if the oral hygiene is good.

Decay works its way down to the root canal and already starts to cause pain at the dentine layer. Therefore it is very important to treat it as soon as possible before it gets deeper.

It is not only the visible surface of the tooth that we need to examine. The areas between teeth are also important and in a high risk of decay as they are hard to clean. This is why it is recommended to attend regular check ups as your dentist can check the interdental areas as well and remove decay if needed. For the removal of decay we use the  latest laser techonology that is painless, therefore there is no need for injection or drill.

95% of our maternety patients choose laser decay removal as the treatment is painless, there is no need for anaesthetics or drill. Avoiding the injection can prevent post operative numbness, therefor patients can carry on with their everyday activities straight after the treatment.

Ask for the help of our colleagues in questions related to laser dental treatments. We are happy to answer your questios.

Our laser treatments do not involve the removal of previous fillings and anaesthetic injection is also required in some cases. The different advantages of laser dental treatments are experianced in different extents in different stages of the treatment. Our aim is to provide treatments without any pain in a calm environment.

Without any radiation

Due to the possible teratogenic  effects of radiation it is probihited to have normal x-rays taken during pregnancy.

Please take this advice and do not let radiation harm your baby’s body.

Our dentists only ask pregnant patients to have normal x-rays done if urgent treatment is needed. At our clinic we use digital low radiation x-rays in 99% of cases.

Alongside with the low energy special x-ray machine (that focuses on the problematic tooth only) we also use extra precaution by giving led apron to our patients. Digitaly taken x-rays are displayed on the screen as soon as the picture was taken. After the assessment of the x-ray we can strat the treatment of the problematic area straight away.

You and your little ones are in good and caring hands at our clinic. During treatments we always pay attention to the mother’s as well as the baby’s health avoiding possible risks.

We are looking forward to see you at our clinic!

Ask for the help of our colleagues. The experienced, prepared, caring and always kind members of our team are always happy to help you and your little ones with the best of their competence, care and attention.

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A fogérzékenység okai és kezelése

A fogérzékenység a magyar lakosság mintegy felét érintő mindennapi probléma. A hideg, meleg, savas ételek és italok fogyasztásakor fellépő éles, szúró fájdalom azonban megelőzhető, megfelelő eljárással pedig kezelhető probléma.

Lézerek alkalmazása az implantátumok körüli gyulladás kezelésében

Ha fogpótláson gondolkodik, és már elkezdett információt gyűjteni az eljárásról, biztosan találkozott már a peri implantitis kifejezéssel.


Akár csak a világ számos területén, a fogászatban is napról-napra jelennek meg új, modernebb eszközök és eljárások, amellyel a hagyományos kezelések hatékonyabban végezhetőek el.

Különbség az egyes lézerek között

A lézerfogászat egyre divatosabb fogalom, egy teljesen új világ, mely olyan lehetőségeket kínál a fogászati kezelések elvégzésére, melybe sokáig belegondolni sem mertünk.