Laser treatment of lingual and labial frenum

Short labial or lingual frenum can cause aesthetic as well as communicatio problems. The elongation of these frenums by laser is fast, stress and pain free and is recommended in childhood as well as adulthood if necessary.

Lingual and labial frenum problems initially occure in childhood and can cause unplesantness later on. By laser treatments these problems can be solved without pain in no time.

In most cases the gaps between front teeth are caused by the labial frenum. If this frenum gets elongated the teeth can move back into their normal aesthetic position.  It is necessary to have the frenum elongated in childhood so we can avoid orthodontic treatments of our children.

Lingual frenum is located between the mouth floor and the tongue (it connects the mouth floor with the togue). If this frenum is toot short it can interfere the adequate utterance, the cleansing function of the tongue and its function in mastication. Due to problems with utterance children can lose their confidence and it becomes difficult to create social connections. By elongating the frenum their speach becomes more articulated.

At our dental clinic we apply the latest laser dental equipments and the  latest dental instruments.

Why do our patients choose laser surgery options for gum surgery?

  • laser treatements are the latest and most humane surgical treatments
  • they are painless and in most cases we do not need to use anaestheic at all
  • its application in childhood provides stress free treatment, therefore children will have good experience of their detal visit
  • during laser gum surgery the haemostatic effect of laser helps haemostasis
  • you can experience less bleeding and faster healing
  • laser light has a desinfectant effect as well therefore it provides an antibacterial operation area
  • the treatments do not leave large signs and in most cases there is no numbing either
  • since anaesthetic injection is not needed you can carry on with your everyday activities straight after the treatment

During laser treatments sometimes it is necessary to use anaesthetic injection. Our aim is to provide calm and painless treatments to our patients. The different advantages of laser dental treatments are experianced in different extents in different stages of the treatment. Our aim is to provide treatments without any pain in a calm environment.

We test the latest methods and developments and only recommend procedures that we are maximally satisfied with and that can solve your problems.

We are looking forward to see you at our clinic!

Ask for the help of our laser dental specialists, dentists and oral surgeons in the elongation of labial and lingual frenums. Choose our professional laser treatments, so your kids’ labial and lingual frenum elongation can be fast and painless. The experienced, prepared and always kind members of our team are happy to help you and your children with the best of their competence, care and attention.

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A fogérzékenység okai és kezelése

A fogérzékenység a magyar lakosság mintegy felét érintő mindennapi probléma. A hideg, meleg, savas ételek és italok fogyasztásakor fellépő éles, szúró fájdalom azonban megelőzhető, megfelelő eljárással pedig kezelhető probléma.

Lézerek alkalmazása az implantátumok körüli gyulladás kezelésében

Ha fogpótláson gondolkodik, és már elkezdett információt gyűjteni az eljárásról, biztosan találkozott már a peri implantitis kifejezéssel.


Akár csak a világ számos területén, a fogászatban is napról-napra jelennek meg új, modernebb eszközök és eljárások, amellyel a hagyományos kezelések hatékonyabban végezhetőek el.

Különbség az egyes lézerek között

A lézerfogászat egyre divatosabb fogalom, egy teljesen új világ, mely olyan lehetőségeket kínál a fogászati kezelések elvégzésére, melybe sokáig belegondolni sem mertünk.