Biolase laser tooth whitening

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People having beautiful, birght and natural teeth appear to be confident and happy.

We will do everything to make your smile healthy and beautiful giving you self confidence and happiness.

If you feel like the appearance of your teeth stop you in being confident than the Biolase laser whitening is the solution for your problem. You will not only get the brightness of your teeth back but will also be provided with professional advices and care by our dental hygienists and dentists.

The NaturaDENT Aesthetic and Laser Dental Clinic is Hungary’s best known and most experienced laser dental practice.

Do you know what causes the discolouration of your teeth?

In most cases they are habits we don’t even notice but do stain our teeth such as smoking, red wine or coffee. Many foods can also discolour our teeth for example tomatoes, beetrot or carrots.

Gaining the brightness of your teeth back and maintaining it in long term can be achieved by the combination of different techniques.

If you would like more beautiful and bright teeth it is advised to examine your everyday habits and if you notice any of the above factors that can stain your teeth try to avoid them. Ask for the advice of our dental hygienists  about dental hygiene techniques and choose the Biolase laser whitening.

Who do we recommend Biolase laser whitening to?

  • for those who have habits that discolour their teeth
  • for thos who have a job where good appearance is an essential
  • for those who are very conscious about the health and appearance of their teeth and would like to clean every tiny even microscopic stain off their teeth
  • for those who wish to preserv the whiteness of their teeth for years


What is the procedure of Biolase laser whitening?

At our clinic we use the Biolase ezLase device and the Laser White whitening gel specially developed for the equipment. With this special combination we can achieve even 12 shade whiter teeth which is the highest result so far.

Please be advised that the extent of achieved whiteness can vary in each cases, it depends on the thickness of the enamel, the build up of the tooth and also the age of the patient.

  • we professionally clean the teeth
  • we cover the gums with a protective layer
  • we place the special laser whitening gel on the teeth
  • we cure the gel for 20-30 seconds with the Biolase ezLase laser device
  • we leave 5 minutes than repeat the procedure in each quadrant
  • we wash the laser whitening gel off, remove the gum protection layer and we are done with the procedure

The Biolase laser whitening is fast, effivient and there are no side effects

What you need to know before the whitening procedurelezeresfeh_en

In order to achieve the best results it is advised to attend a scale and polish appointment prior the whitening if it is indicated (if you have tartar or gingivitis)

If scaling is needed you will need to separate appointments on different days (there should be at least 1 day between the treatments). This way the gums can heal after the cleaning and will not bleed during the whitening procedure.

Please be advised that whitening does not affect existing fillingsprosthetics (bridges, crowns, implants). If you would like to adjust the shade of your prosthetics and fillings to the whitened teeth further appointments are needed.

The discolouration of root treated teeth is very common as these teeth do not have a blood supply anymore. However they cannot be whitened by Biolase laser technique we can always apply interior whitening to make them as white as the rest of the teeth. The interior whitening of root treated teeth need 2-3 visits depending on how the tooth reacts to the whitening substance.

We do not apply Biolase laser whitening on expecting women, or in cases of discolouratins that are due to malformations or caused by medications (certain drugs can discolour teeth).

Long lasting whiteness

Following the Biolase laser whitening treatemnt we recommend our White teeth for a lifetime program, that helps you in preserving the whiteness of your teeth without having to come back for a professional whitening and can be easily done at home.

Our dental hygenist team is looking forward to seeing you!

Ask for the help of our experienced and caring dental hygienist team in the Biolase laser whitening of your teeth. The experienced, prepared, caring and always kind members of our team are always happy to help you with the best of their competence, care and attention.

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