Gum aesthetics

The restoration of the health of your gums and the improvement of their aesthetics with the painless latest laser dental techniques

Gums also play an important role in the beauty of our smile. They are the frame of the teeth, therefore in order to achive the perfect smile gums also need to be shaped in some cases.

In many cases it is not just aesthetics but also health reasons why they need to be shaped. At our surgery these treatments are done by the latest laser technologies and equipment.

In what problems do our treatments help you?

Gum plastic surgery: gum shaping, treating gummy smile

Gummy smile means that the gums cover too mouch of the tooth, therefore the teeth look small and the smile is not as aesthetic. This condition often causes lack of self-confidence when smiling and talking. By laser gum surgery we can reduce the leght of the gums and create a harmonic smile as well as balancing the gum tissue with the shape and size of the tooth. Doing this without any pain, safely and less post-operative sensitivity. The treatment does not take long and bleeding also minimal due to the laser beam stopping bleeding in the same time as cutting tissues. Thanks to the benefits of laser you can carry on with your day straight after the treatment.

Lingual frenum correction, elongating frenum by laser treatment

The tongue has an important role in tasting, chewing and speaking. The lingual frenum controls the tongue’s range of motion therefore it can limit natural teeth cleaning reactions, motions. Sometimes the frenum is shorter due to malformations and the motion becomes limited and sometimes even painful. These kind of problems can be easily solved by the laser treatment of the frenum. Cutting/elongating the frenum is quick, painless and sterile, therefore many of our patients choses this option fo their kids too.

Correction, elongating  of lip frenum

The labial frenum is responsible for the movement of the lips during smiling and speaking. Sometimes this frenum is too short and pulls the upper lip totally up and the lower lip totally down even with a small smile. When a big part of the gums can be seen when smiling is called a gummy smile. In many cases this is not aesthetic and also stops lips to fulfil their protecting role around the gums.

Elongating the labial frenum is quick and painless just like the elongation of the lingual frenum. The treatment shows inmediate results and usually improves self-confidence straight away.

Treatment of gum aesthetics with the latest laser equipment

  • laser treatments are the most advanced and friendly surgical treatments
  • during their application in most cases we can avoid local anaesthetic since they can be totally painless
  • during laser gum shaping the haemostatic effect of laser beam is very useful
  • the healing process following laser treatments is faster than after normal ones
  • the disinfection and sterilisation of the treated area is also done by the laser beam
  • there are minimal wounds after treatments and there is no numb feeling either
  • since using local anaesthesia is not necessary, patients can carry on with their everyday activities straight after the treatment
  • kids can be treated without causing any stress to them therefore parents are also satisfied with it

Our gum aesthetic laser treatments support the harmony, beauty as well as the health of your smile. 

We also test the latest technologies on ourselves and only use technologies that are maximally fulfil your requirements and many of our satisfied patients recommend our treatments too.

The main advantages of laser gum shaping

  • in most cases local anaesthesia is not needed
  • treatments are painless in most cases therefore there is no need for an injection
  • bleeding is minimal, patients cannot even notice it
  • the wound heals fast and nicely
  • the wounds usually disappear in a few days
  • improved self-confidence  due to the correction of the aesthetics
  • engaging and harmonic smile, healthy and nice gums
  • there is no need to stop your daily routine, you can carry on working after treatment even if they are during the day
  • it is highly recommended for kids, because it can prevent them from having long, painful treatments and long post-operative healing processes

Our laser treatments do not involve the removal of previous fillings and anaesthetic injection is also required in some cases. The different advantages of laser dental treatments are experianced in different extents in different stages of the treatment. Our aim is to provide treatments without any pain in a calm environment.

We are looking forward to see you at our surgery!

Ask for the help of our laser oral surgery specialists in questions related to the aesthetics of your gums and smile. The experienced, prepared and always kind members of our team are happy to help you and your little ones with the best of their competence, care and attention.

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Your personal information is confidential, and we do not disclose it to any third party. You can read our privacy policy here.

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A fogérzékenység okai és kezelése

A fogérzékenység a magyar lakosság mintegy felét érintő mindennapi probléma. A hideg, meleg, savas ételek és italok fogyasztásakor fellépő éles, szúró fájdalom azonban megelőzhető, megfelelő eljárással pedig kezelhető probléma.

Lézerek alkalmazása az implantátumok körüli gyulladás kezelésében

Ha fogpótláson gondolkodik, és már elkezdett információt gyűjteni az eljárásról, biztosan találkozott már a peri implantitis kifejezéssel.


Akár csak a világ számos területén, a fogászatban is napról-napra jelennek meg új, modernebb eszközök és eljárások, amellyel a hagyományos kezelések hatékonyabban végezhetőek el.

Különbség az egyes lézerek között

A lézerfogászat egyre divatosabb fogalom, egy teljesen új világ, mely olyan lehetőségeket kínál a fogászati kezelések elvégzésére, melybe sokáig belegondolni sem mertünk.