Problems caused by wisdom teeth

Solving problems related to wisdom teeth

Contrary to popular belief wisdom teeth do not bring wisdom but can cause several problems. Wisdom teeth are the last in the arch and are very difficult to reach. We have 4 wisdom teeth – 2 on the lower and 2 on the upper jaw.

What problems can wisdom teeth cause?

  • partially erupted wisdom teeth can impact  and cause foodtrap and pain
  • it pushes against the neighbouring tooth causing pain and decay
  • in many cases the pressure it can put on neighbouring teeth can cause root resorption and therefore can lead to tooth loss.
  • it pushes other teeth further causing crowding in the front area that can only be correced by braces
  • due to the movement of the teeth the bite changes, opposing teeth will not properly close together, therefore they can wear faster and cause pain
  • the decreasing bite and mismatched surfaces put more pressure on the jaw joints that can cause wear and further pain

Unfortunately wisdom teeth that are growing perfectly are reare. If you have noticed any of the above problems it is advised to see your dentist as soon as possible in order to avoid inflammations infections or cysts caused by your impacted wisdom tooth.  Furthermore impacted, inflammed wisdom teeth can also cause nodules with symptoms such as hair loss, rheumatism, heart and vascular disease.

In order to avoid further complications it is advised to see our oral surgeon for a consultation.

How do wisdom tooth problems arise?

  • if our wisdom teeth cannot fully erupt it can push the gums, cause  sensitivty and inflammation in the area.
  • partially erupted wisdom teeth can lean against neighbouring teeth and cause gingivitis and decay on the healthy tooth
  • wisdom teeth can push other teeth further causing decaym crowding and gingivitis
  • crowding teeth are prone to gingivitis and decay thatcan be painful and cause tooth loss if not treated
  • the force of pushing can cause pain in the whole oral cavity as well as in the jawas and ears

We are aware of the problems that wisdom teeth can cause and we have also experienced the fear of our patients when it comes to wisdom tooth extraction. The treatment can be complicated in some cases but thanks to moden equipment and materials it is painless and can be done gently.

During our work we meet fear and stereotypes but we can always dispel doubts and reassure our patients. The caring and attentive treatment of our dentists can solve  yor wisdom tooth related problems and you can have your widom teeth out withput any pain. We are very successful in this field.

We are proud of the feedbacks of our patients, their fast healing and healthy smile.

What are the steps of wisdom tooth extraction?

  • we examine the state of your gums and teeth and check your x-rays
  • our experienced oral surgeon colleague extracts the tooth without causing any pain
  • if it is necessary we use our laser equipments in order to achieve fast healing and disinfected environment
  • following the extraction the pressure caused by the wisdom tooth will stop and your gums and teeth will relieve
  • we make sure that the extraction area is properly sealed and can regenerate in a short time
  • we monitor the healing process during regular check ups

Our laser treatments do not involve the removal of previous filling materials. During laser treatments sometimes it is necessary to use anaesthetic injection. Our aim is to provide calm and painless treatments to our patients. The different advantages of laser dental treatments are experianced in different extents in different stages of the treatment. Our aim is to provide treatments without any pain in a calm environment.

Following the treatment we will provide you with oral hygiene instructions and maximum support in order to preserv the health of your teeth and increase the wealth of your entire body.

We are looking forward to see you at our clinic!

Ask for the help of our oral surgeons. The experienced, prepared and always kind members of our team are happy to help you with the best of their competence, care and attention.

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