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Smaller tooth defects or slight drifting that are not related to health reasons can be easily and efficiently solved by thin and aesthetic ceramic veneers. Tooth defects can be colour differences, discolouration, roughness or deviation from the arch.

Veneers have a highlighted role in cosmetic dentistry since they are mainly used it the front area.

We do not damage teeth

Fitting ceramic veneers do not harm the teeth at all. Veneers are mainly used in the front area.

The thin lab made ceramic veneers are fitted on the lip side of the tooth.

Before fitting the veneers we gently file a thin layer off the tooth surface so the veneer blends into the smile line. Filing this thin layer off does not harm the tooth at all, but if there is a slight sensitivity we can treat it with laser sensitivity reducing.

Perfectly matching shade and shape

Using veneers enable us to change the shade, the shape or the position (if it’s slightly out of the arch line) of the tooth. Due to being unique, veneers can be coloured to the shade that is exactly the same as the rest of the teeth.

Before and after

By using veneers we can achieve spectacular results fast without harming the tooth or doing invasive treatments.


More beautiful, engaging and attractive smile in a short time

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Many of our colleagues are happy with their ceramic veneers that makes their smile attractive.

We are looking forward to see you at our surgery!

To cover smaller defects and create a beautiful smile ask for the help and support of our internationally recognized, highly qualified aesthetic dental team.  The experienced, prepared and always kind members of our team are happy to help you and your little ones with the best of their competence, care and attention.

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Your personal information is confidential, and we do not disclose it to any third party. You can read our privacy policy here.

Telephone numbers

+36 1 7890 690

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