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What are the characteristics of a pressed ceramic crown?

It is made by a modern procedure: the material is pressed with high pressure, so it becomes mechanically strong, almost as hard as titanium. The whole crown is made of one ceramic block, so it is aesthetic and does not contain a metallic part. It does not cause any allergic symptom, so we recommend it for those who are sensitive to metals.

The pressed ceramic (porcelain) crown is mainly applied for the incisors, because of the material’s identical colours. The indicating of the porcelain crown is making single crowns in the frontal region of the dental arch.

The advantage of the porcelain crown is that less tooth material is needed to be removed comparing to the traditional methods, the dentist removes only a slight layer of the tooth.

The advantages of the pressed ceramic crown

The modern dentistry applies metal-free prostheses. The pressed ceramic crown does not contain any kind of metal, so it is recommended for those who are allergic to metals. This is a 100% metal-free crown, it is antiallergic and has a high biocompatibility.

The whole crown is made of ceramic material, so it has a higher esthetic effect compared with those that contains metal. With this, the natural colour of your tooth can be restored.

The translucency of the porcelain is similar to the human teeth.

Pressed ceramic crowns are mechanically stable, durable, a perfect choice for the frontal region of the dental arch. It fits perfectly onto the prepared tooth.

An other advantage is that less tooth material is needed to be removed, so there is less chance to harm the pulp tissue.

How do we make pressed ceramic crowns in NaturaDENT laser dentistry?

In case you would like to change your traditional crown for an esthetic porcelain one, or you just think you might nedd to get a crown, do not hesitate to find us, we are kindly waiting for you for a dental check-up. At this first appointment, we make a panoramic x-ray to get a panoramic view of the status of your teeth under and above the soft tissues.

Getting a pocelain crown is a pain-free procedure!

In case we prepare the tooth for a crown, we use local anaesthesia. If it is needed, after removing the decayed parts, we rebuild the shape that is optimal for putting a crown on it. If the tooth is root-canal filled, a tooth-coloured special stick might be needed to get glued in to strengthen the structure.

After taking impressions, a dental technician is the one who makes the crown.

Until the crown-making is in progress, you get a provisional crown, which can be made immediately at the side of the chair, or with a few day’s waiting time in the dental laboratory.

If the crown is ready, we try it in. If you think it has the perfect colour, shape, and function, we permanently cementate it in.

What is the role of laser in the process of making a porcelain crown?

Before the permanent cementation, we treat your gingiva with laser to get a bacteria- and saliva-free surface.

With the help of laser, we can fix the crown onto a bacteria-free, sterile surface, which makes this crown a life-long solution.

We are looking forward to see you at our practice!

For the aesthetic restoration of your teeth ask for the help and support of our internationally recognized and higly qualified aesthetic dental team. Our experienced, caring and always smiling team is happy to help you and your children with the best of their knowledge and maximum attention.

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