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One of the most frequent dental procedures when laser is used is the removal of caries and the preparation of the cavity for filling.

Drilling in sterile environment without pain!

The removal of the infected tooth material has much more advantages for your body if it is perfromed with laser than done by the traditional, old-fashioned drilling equipment:

When we use the Biolase Waterlase iPlus to prepare the cavity, there is no need to remove healthy tooth material in order to make the area caries-free, while if the traditional method is used, there is no guarantee for that.

In case of laser caries removal, only the infected area gets cleared, the healthy parts of your tooth stays intact.

After the drilling and cavity preparation done by the laser, the surface of the shaped area will be sterile and specially formed, just like a net, so that the porcelain filling material can much more permanently stick to the surface than it was possible before.

Besides the chance for making more durable fillings, the use of laser has more biological advantages as well:

The traditional drill in contrast with the laser light produces heat and vibration, that can cause micro-leakages on the enamel. Through these leakages, microscopic-sized bacteria and contamination can penetrate to the inside of your tooth, causing caries again and/or causing futher hidden problems.

Furthermore, the nascent heat causes detruction in the inner tooth material called dentin, which can lead to inflammation, causing pain. In this case, the need of root canal treatment can come up.

Drilling with laser light unlike the words written above, cannot cause mechanical damages in the healthy tooth material, does not cause invisible micro-leakages, and does not produce heat, so it protects the healthy tooth material as much as possible!

Further advantage of the use of laser before filling the cavity is that the laser light disinfects the prepared area without the need of using chemicals that are not biological materials and in most cases are not in harmony with our organism.

This is how the laser removes the caries from the infected tooth:

caries treatment with laser

The fillings made after laser cavity preparation are much more comfortable for our patients. They are more durable, more stable, and much easier to shape and form. The healthy tooth material stays intact, only the infected, unsaveable parts are removed!

Our laser treatments can not provide the removal of the amalgam fillings, and there are cases when local anaesthesia is needed. The amount of the advantages of laser treatment can be different depending on the case. Our goal is to create calm surroundings where our patients’ treatments can happen without any pain.

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