Bone augmentation, sinus-lift with own membrane

Prior to implantation, there is often a need for bone augmentation or sinus lift. The success of these procedures is essential for implantation.

NaturaDENT offers a yet unique solution in our country for a successful bone augmentation. This derives/comes from our organism, being therefore biologically the best solution and does not require a big intervention.

The solution is the Endoret prgf system and the essence of which is that the membrane or gel used in the bone augmentation procedure is obtained from the patient’s own blood.

The multilateral and safe usability, as well as the effectiveness of this procedure open the door towards personalized medical care, which is applied in numerous medical and scientific fields abroad, such as oral implantology.

What are the advantages of bone augmentation complemented with membrane gained from own blood?

  • 100% biocompatible and safe
  • Possesses strong bacteriostatic properties
  • Verified preparation and utilization/application
  • Easy to prepare: one single spin
  • Quick preparation: is ready in 30 minutes after drawing blood
  • Clinical effectiveness proven by numerous scientific articles
  • The membrane obtained from own blood stimulates the regeneration of the tissues and has anti-inflammatory properties

How does the membrane obtained from own blood help?

  • In case of bone augmentation, sinus lifting:

It offers protection against infections and bacteria by sealing off their territory. Additionally, the bone replacement material can be soaked in the membrane with gel consistency, thus, its acceptance by the organism will be faster and easier.

  • After tooth extraction:

Tooth extraction comes with bone loss, which gradually increases over time.

A significant advantage of the prgf procedure is that after tooth extraction the membrane obtained from own blood can be inserted in place of the extracted tooth, thus protecting the bone from resorption.

What is the process of the treatment when own blood is used?

The patient arrives at the NaturaDENT dental clinic 30 minutes prior to the bone augmentation intervention. Here, an official nurse draws the blood, from which the membrane can be obtained in about 30 minutes. After that, the planned treatment will start, which takes place under local anesthesia, without pain.

After a couple of days, the patient undergoes laser biostimulation, which provides additional help in order that the intervention is the least burdensome for the body the healing procedure can be shortened.

With the help of the prfg system plated rich plasma can be obtained from the blood, which can be used for centrifugation, as well as for stabilizing the inserted implant.

The membrane obtained contains platelets and growth factors, which help in triggering numerous biological processes.

This procedure facilitates bone regeneration, healing, induces those biologic processes that stimulate cells to be accepted by the surrounding tissues, thus the organism accepts and builds in the bone augmentation material much faster and better.

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