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Did you know that 56% of amalgam fillings consits of mercury that constantly solubles out of the filling poisoning your entire system?

Our dentistry suggests the best is to have all amalgam fillings removed have the body system detoxified by homeopathic remedies and treatments. Amalgam fillings have to be removed in away that patient does not swallow any of it.

How can amalgam fillings be toxic?

Amalgam consists of 56% mercury, which is a very dangeorous poison that builds up in the body system. It gets into the blood flow via abrasion or friction (eating, brushing, drinking fizzy drinks) and via mercury vapour. Amalgam builds up in the body, livers, kidneys, bones, brain, endocrine glands and in the digestive tract without the patient noticing it.

The harmful effects of amalgam fillings:

  • headache
  • irritability
  • skin problems
  • fatigue
  • joint aches
  • mucosal inflammation
  • hair loss
  • nodules, inflammations
  • kidney functioning problems, kidney functioning insufficiency
  • stomach and bowel problems
  • depression
  • impotence
  • infertility

Unfortunately these are only some of the problems amalgam can cause. According to studies amalgam can harm the fetus, cause cildhood disease and can cause cancer as well.

How can amalgam fillings be professionally removed?

It is recommended to have amalgam fillings replaced one by one. If the patient had amalgam fillings in their teeth for years or even decades mercury had time to slowly build up in the system. Due to this process the system tried to remove toxic materials from the system via noticeable inflammations in order to fight against mercury.

It is important to replace only two amalgam fillings at one visit, because we need to give time to the system to process changes. Amalgam fillings are replaced by either composite fillings, inlays or onlays depending on the size of the cavity.

It is also essential to know that however amalgams can be removed, the system will not be able to clean itself. Harmful mercury can be removed by homeopathic remedies and treatments that helps you in getting rid of toxics caused by amalgam fillings.

What does rubberdam isolation mean?

Amalgam filling removals are always done with rubberdam isolation at our surgery.

It is a very important equipment as it helps stopping mercury to get into the body system. Unfortunatelly not every dentist uses it, but the experienced and prepared team our surgery always applies this technique when removing amalgams.

The main point of rubberdam is to separate the tooth from the rest of the mouth therefore the removed filling bits cannot get into the mouth or esophagus.

The use of rubberdam isolation is comfortable to the patient, provides clear vision to the dentist and stops bacteria getting into the tooth.

What are the benefits of having your amalgam fillings replaced?

  • your body is releived from the toxic effects of mercury
  • healing detected and latent inflammations
  • Healing, weakening of chronic disease that were supposed to be related to other sources
  • significantly reduces the chance of cancer
  • beautiful smile thanks to your new white fillings
  • no more gray spots in your teeth

After having amalgam fillings replaced you can notice an improvement in your health: reducement of inflammations, more energies and confidence.

We are looking forward to see you at our practice!

Ask for the help of our dentists in questions related to amalgam replacement by tooth coloured composite fillings. The experienced, prepared and kind members of our team are happy to help you and provide dental hygiene treatments with th ebest of their competence, care and attention.

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