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My name is Susanna Jurák Born in Budapest 1985th in October. I spent a significant part of my childhood abroad, 5 years in Italy and in Switzerland four years. At that time had I the opportunity to learn Italian and French. From these languages have done it later the tertiary C-type exams, I speak English medium. I done the undergraduate studies at the Semmelweis University, Faculty of Dentistry. I consider myself a purposeful, kind, patient person. I can do my job just conscientiously, with 100% dedication.

My specialty:

I have more topics of interest. The major fields are tooth replacement, such as removable dentures, crowns, bridges and preserving dental procedures such as fillings and root canal treatments. I feel that in these treatments can I flourish myself. I love carefully design the prosthetic treatment required steps, and I actively participate in the work phases. Finally I’m compesated for energy invested in by my patients satisfied smile.

My objective:

I find it important to represent a human-centered approach. I try to apply during the treatments such substances, which have the least side effects for the human. If circumstances permit, I prioritize the application of natural products containing dental materials, the use of the lasers. I do the removal of amalgam fillings in all cases with rubber dam isolation, is a small rubber sheet which prevents the ingestion of mercury-containing amalgam particles. My objective is that my patients leave the office satisfied, healthier, with a happy smile.

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