Give a smile to your Loved One!

Smile is one of the best gift we can give to our loved one. Give a beautiful and happy smile and healthy teeth to your family members. With our Gift Card your loved one’s Christmas will be happier. Think of your family member who needs high-level dental treatment. Let this Christmas Celebration be peaceful, successful and happy!

Choose any of the 3 different Naturadent GIFT CARDS, with you can give pleasure, health and harmonic, beautiful smile to your loved one. You can help to reach a dream or support your loved one’s health.

Naturadent Gift Cards can be purchased in 25.000, 50.000 and 75.000 HUF. In case the treatment doesn’t reach the value of the Gift Card, the rest of the value can be spent until 1 year from the issuing date for further dental treatments.

Special price to our patients

You already know the high-level quantity of our dental treatments: offer this to your loved one, purchase the Naturadent GIFT CARD with 15% discount!

Purchase a Naturadent GIFT CARD until 31. Dec. 2017, use your 15% special price. When purchasing this card, you save money and you can also put another lovely present under the Christmas tree. More gifts, bigger pleasure, happier Celebration!

Doesn’t sound so bad, right? Merry Christmas to You and Your Loved Ones!

Naturadent Gift Card can’t be used for the customer’s own dental treatments. The purpose of the Gift Card is to give your Loved One high-level dental treatment in special, reduced price. Gift Card can be used until 31. March 2018.

Not our patient yet?

Absolutely no problem at all. Schedule an appointment, ask the help of our expert dentists to keep your teeth healthy and get the 15% Gift Card discount!

Experience our comfortable, careful, precise dental check-up service:

Gift Card by Post

In case you can’t purchase Naturadent Gift Card personally we can send the pre-paid Gift Card by post to your or your loved one’s address.

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We wish you a Happy and Merry Christmas Celebration!

More important information:

We are looking forward to see you and your Loved One at our Dental Clinic!

Ask for the help of our dentists and dental hygienists in creating a healthy, harmonic and beautiful smile. The experienced, prepared, caring and always kind members of our team are always happy to help you with the best of their competence, care and attention.

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