A Naturadent Esztétikai és Lézerfogászat a legújabb lézerfogászati módszereivel gyorsan és hatékonyan szünteti meg fogfájdalmát, orvosolja fogproblémáit. Szépségfogászati és lézerfogászati kezeléseink visszaadják fogai egészségét és szépségét, szervezete vitalitását, frissességét. Várjuk szeretettel rendelőnkben!


NaturaDENT – For the healthy and beautiful smile of you and your family The mission of the team of NaturaDENT Aesthetic and Laser Dental Clinic is to preserve the health of your teeth by the latest methods. We provide excelent and quality services and use the best materials during our cosmetic, conservative and aesthetic treatments. […]

NaturaDENT – For the healthy and beautiful smile of you and your family

The mission of the team of NaturaDENT Aesthetic and Laser Dental Clinic is to preserve the health of your teeth by the latest methods. We provide excelent and quality services and use the best materials during our cosmetic, conservative and aesthetic treatments.

All our treatments consider the health and aesthetics of your teeth and the vitality of your system.

Look at us as your highly qualified dentists, dental hygienists and naturopaths.

Trust us to solve your problems with the best of our knowledge.

5 reasons why it is worth to choose NaturaDENT

1.      Care, attention and years of experience

Our colleagues have also gained experience internationally and are pleased to apply their experience and knowledge during their treatments. Our aim is to provide painless treatments and thanks to the latest technologies in most cases we can guarantee it.

At NaturaDENT everyone is VIP. We carry out every treatment with maximum care and attention.

2.      The world’s latest technologies

The healing process after treatments is guaranteed by the professional preparedness of our colleagues, the best materials and the latest laser treatments.

NaturaDENT Dental Clinic is the only outright Biolase laser dental practice. We use the latest, most realiable and most effective laser dental equipments. Our equipments include the latest Biolase iLase, ezLase and Waterlase iPlus devices. During most laser treatments there is no need for anaesthetic injection, the treatment is painless, there is no numb feeling or bleeding and healing also takes less time.

3.      We understand your problems

Just like everyone else we also have fillings and have had dental treatments before. We understand your problems and probably have also experienced the same issues, or seen patients who have. We know the best option is always the most gentle and caring treatment.

We would do the same

Our colleagues are constantly working and researching for better techniques and methods in order to provide you the most efficient and most natural treatment and healing methods.

We give that we expect to get – always the best.

4.     We offer high quality and aesthetic treatments

We know that the protection and care of your teeth is not a task dependent upon age, but a good and caring practice across the years.
All age groups have their own dental problems, which can be eliminated if these are recognized and treated in time.
Whichever age group you belong to, whether you face gingival bleeding, caries or tooth loss, we offer a quick and efficient solution to avoid further and increasing problems.

The fillings, dentures and dental crowns for implants prepared by us are not only high quality, but also conform to the highest standards both functionally and aesthetically. We regularly participate at the trainings of the best local and foreign experts, in order that our work best resembles actual teeth anatomy.
Another one of our activities is smile planning. Already before completion of the dentures we model your smile and then create the agreed result.
Thanks to our commitment to a beautiful and natural smile, we can pride ourselves with many satisfied patients, whose feedback you can read here.

5.     In the heart of the inner city

With 6 medical rooms and the help of close to 30 staff we adjust ourselves to your work schedule and spare time. Our clinic in the heart of Budapest can easily be reached and has underground parking. We flexibly stand at the service of our patients offering early morning appointments to evening ones.

We are looking forward to welcoming you, request a treatment appointment or consultation now!

The pillars of our work performed at NaturaDENT Aesthetic and Laser Dental Clinic

The most important thing for us at NaturaDENT is that you receive the best and most modern treatment. Because of this, we work hard to implement and use the most state-of-the-art dental technology.

We use three core state-of-the-art technologies: dental laser treatment, the holistic-biologic approach and full physical balancing/scaling.

As pioneers in Hungarian dental laser treatment we not only possess the largest and most modern laser equipment, but our doctors are the best trained and most experienced in this technology in Budapest.

Our fields of specialty are: secure removal of amalgam fillings, laser “drilling”, laser disinfection, periodontal laser treatment, gingival plastic surgery, oral laser surgery and other hard and soft tissue laser treatments.

You can turn to us confidently because of your oral frenulum (tongue or lip) problem as well, the treatment of which is painless and without bleeding. We provide painless treatment to children as well, whereas pregnant women may also benefit of select treatment methods.

We treat gum inflammation and various stages of periodontal disease efficiently and in the long term, thanks to the available laser technology, according to international laser protocol, in cooperation with our patient.

We perform aesthetic and medical restoration of receded and extended gums, as well as dental plastic surgery. You can also entrust us with the treatment of your gummy smile – gums extensively grown over the teeth – as we will make your smile much more beautiful with laser surgery.

Our lead doctor, dr. Márta, Fülöp Papp is one of the leading Hungarian specialists in soft and hard tissue laser technology, who eagerly introduces internal and external doctor colleagues via workshops into the diversified world of laser dentistry.

If you come to the NaturaDENT clinic you can be sure that you will encounter experienced doctors during your laser treatment, who due to their knowledge and empathy will take specific care not to cause any discomfort for you.

Our biologic, holistic approach lies within the use of body-friendly (non-allergenic) materials, where our aim is to preserve the tooth and restore its health while we also analyze the connections between the oral cavity and the body.

During treatments, where this is possible, we use rubber dam isolation to protect the body from removed amalgam fillings, for example.

During removal of large quantities of amalgam fillings our doctors may recommend the use of homeopathic drops to increase amalgam drainage from the organism.

We perform complex professional dental hygiene treatments: combining polishing and sandblasting, with special attention to protect the tooth and the gums. Our meticulous and fine-handed dental hygienists prepare and protect the results of the works of our doctors with regular treatments.

Our clinic offers the possibility of smile design: we plan your natural smile digitally, according to individual needs and then create it. This way you have the possibility to select and approve the form of your denture on a picture of yourself ahead of its preparation.

We also perform the peak of dental fillings: dental restoration. With our special quality materials and equipment we are able to recreate main and secondary tooth fissures as well as different tooth shades. Even looking carefully at the result of such restorations, one will not be able to recognize these are actually fillings.

During orthodontics we apply external, based on biologic force, and internal, from the direction of the tongue, orthodontics and are prepared to solve complex and significant differences.

During dental replacement we use state-of-the-art implants, the selection of which is based on the bone structure and the bone density of our patients. Before an implant we perform bone replacements and sinus-lifts, if required, and after the implantation we use the laser’s regenerative qualities to speed up successful healing.

Our ultimate aim is to perform our treatments meticulously, tailored to our patients’ unique circumstances and needs, exerting minimal pressure on his/her organism.

Full physical balancing/scaling helps in: adjusting the upper and lower jaw by setting up both the perfect bite and adjusting the surfaces of the teeth. We recommend its application in case of grinding teeth, clacking and painful jaws, abraded teeth, chewing on one side, extensive pressure or longer lasting tooth loss.

Our patients can rely on our professional and caring support concerning complex solutions, complete oral cavity rehabilitations, aesthetic and gum aesthetic treatments, treatments for jaw-joint problems, orthodontics, implants and oral surgery.

The members of our team heal with the helping support of our lead doctor, continually consulting with her about ongoing treatments so as to be prepared even for the more complex cases.

The complex approach, the saving of the teeth, the use of quality materials, equipment and technologies and the increasing number of satisfied patients are all part of the hallmark of NaturaDENT.

We welcome You as well in Budapest at Váci street 81.



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