Choose calmness, care and skill, choose the guaranteed laser dental treatments. 2-10 years or even lifelong guarantee.

We provide guarantee!

We provide 2 years of guarantee for fillings and prosthetics we make. In case of implants there is a 10 year full guarantee. The guarantee is related to the quality of the placed implant.

However we do our best, we also need your help in preventing your health. The condition of our guarantee is the attendance on your 6 monthly free check up appointment and the observation of our dental hygiene instructions.

The guarantee is not valid if the patient:

  • does not attend the 6 monthly check up appointment
  • does not follow the recommended dental hygiene instructions
  • does not have the suggested night guard bite raising applience constructed or does not wear it (in this case fracture of the prosthetics is more likely to happen)
  • strains the prosthetic’s porcelain covering and it breaks
  • or in case of not intended use of the prosthetic (e.g. dropping).

We are unable to provide guarantee for root canal treatments. Due to the anatomical variations of teeth the success of root canal treatments is not 100%.

Our laser treatments do not involve the removal of previous fillings and anaesthetic injection is also required in some cases. The different advantages of laser dental treatments are experianced in different extents in different stages of the treatment. Our aim is to provide treatments without any pain in a calm environment.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our clinic!

Ask for the help of our dentists, dental hygienists, oral surgeons in healing your dental problems and making your teeth more beautiful. The experienced, prepared, caring and always kind members of our team are always happy to help you with the best of their competence, care and attention.

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